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Advising and Coaching

Whole-school collaboration for language development

Given the linguistically diverse nature of most international schools, language development needs to sit at the centre of the curriculum. Simply saying that Every teacher is a language teacher does not make it happen in practice! We know from research that providing students with systematic and explicit information about language is a necessary part of helping them develop academic competency in English. This is the case for all students, not only for language learners. CEC has developed a clear framework for building language across the curriculum for primary and secondary schools. The framework and supporting documents, alongside CPD from the Every teacher is a language teacher series, helps schools develop clear horizontal and vertical trajectories for language development across the school. Developing a fully language-integrated curriculum and pedagogy is a longitudinal process, and CEC provides on-going support via email and Skype for all school leaders and project groups. 

Advising and coaching

Through many years of experience engaging in change processes with schools, Eowyn believes that change in relation to language is best approached in a longitudinal manner. Successful professional development can deliver ideas, but successful advising and coaching can deliver systemic and systematic change. For this reason, Eowyn provides mainly longitudinal support for schools engaging in language-related change. Initial phases include an audit of school provisions (documentation, systems, curricula, pedagogy), folllowed by intensive and extensive work with teachers and leadership to identify key areas for change. The results of this phase are turned into an action plan, with bespoke CPD and interim coaching for embedding new systems and practices. 

Advising and coaching services include:

- Whole CPD for supporting language learners

- Programme development (bilingual, EAL/ELL, home, host languages)

- Curriculum development for language programmes

- School language policy development or review

If you would like more information about Advising and Coaching 
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Eowyn has extensive knowledge and expertise on multilingualism in international schools. I am particularly impressed by how she tailors her advice and direction for each school community, recognizing the unique context and culture of each.

David Stanfield, Head of Research and Development, Council of International Schools
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